About Student Startup Business Center


Entrepreneurship and innovation are viewed as key contributors to global economic and social development of a country. University-based entrepreneurship ecosystems provide a supportive context in which entrepreneurship and innovation can thrive.

At CUI Wah, Student Startup Business Centre (SSBC) has been established with the support of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, and the Promotion of Education in Pakistan Foundation, Inc. (USA). The goal of the program is promotion of talented students’ entrepreneurship and enhancing their practical learning experience at the Institute.

The overarching objective of the Centre is to promote student startup businesses by offering necessary support both in the form of mentoring and initial financial resources through its Startup Entrepreneurship Fund. The SSBC will provide a continuous stream of student led businesses and innovations at CUI.


To provide deserving student’ startup with the necessary support including mentoring, information and initial financial resources to start their own business;

  • To encourage and support students to establish their own startup initiatives;
  • To identify and attract sources of financial assistance from businesses, donors, and pro-bono services to assist students in their startups;
  • To design and implement programs that will link successful startups with relevant industries and business investors;
  • To establish a Student Entrepreneurship Fund to support future talented students’ startups.

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