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  • 12Aug,2021

    Webinar to discuss the what, why, and how of entrepreneurship

    The Student Startup Business Center (SSBC), CUI Wah Campus organized a webinar titled “What, Why and How of Entrepreneurship” on August 12, 2021.

    In the first session, Dr. Muhmmad Sohail Khan, lecturer Department of Management Sciences and In-charge SSBC, introduces Student Start-up Business Center inception, its role in providing support to talented students to become an entrepreneur and to enhance their practical learning experience at the center. Dr. Khan also elaborated that how entrepreneurial growth can impact Pakistan’s economic and social development. He further discussed that how students’ Final Year Project (FYP’s) can be a potential startup given the projects follow thorough customers’ and industry analyses.

    In the second session, Dr. Syed Afzal Moshadi, Assistant Professor/Head, Student Start-up Business Center from COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus discussed the importance of developing an entrepreneurial culture for bringing social change and driving innovation. Dr. Shah further discussed the characteristics of becoming a good entrepreneur and the importance of taking risks. He encouraged the participants to keep up with changing marketing techniques. To motivate the audience he shared the success stories of local and global entrepreneurs. to develop, implement their business plans.

    The webinar ended with the Q&A session. Dr. Khan and Dr. Shah answered the students’ questions. Most of them were interested in understanding how they can work on their FYP’s that can potentially lead to possible startups. In the end, Dr. Khan assured that SSBC will be conducting similar training and workshops for students in the future.

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